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Stamford Park Junior School

Year 6 Robinwood

Crag Group


They have smashed it! We have done the Caving, Dungeon, Quest and canoeing, and despite their efforts, did not manage to get Mr Smith wet.


Day two - Today was amazing, we took on the Zipwire, Trapeze and the dreaded Pirahna pool! The children were once again awesome and rose to all the tasks, showing real bravery and determination.


Day three - On the last day we have completed Nightline, Challenge course and the Climbing activity. The children, despite being tired, have shown real enthusiasm and worked together as a team brilliantly. We are all very proud!


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Mountain Group


We have all done brilliantly so far, rising to the challenges of the Quest, Dungeons and Caving!

Ridge Group


We've all had a great first day in the sunshine!

Ridge Group - Day 1 and 2 -great fun in the sun

Forest Group


What a great first day! We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves completing the knight’s quest, canoeing, trapeze and caving. Everyone has shown fantastic team spirit, encouraging each other and working together and is very much looking forward to a packed day tomorrow.


Another great day, jam-packed with lots of fun activities. We started the day with nightline, followed by the giant swing, challenge course, piranha pool, crate challenge and climbing. Thankfully, the sun has shone all day, which has been wonderful.


Wood Group


Day 1: Wood group have done the night line, caving, giant swing and pirhana pool today and it’s been fantastic!


Day 2: It’s been another great day as we have been on the trapeze, climbing, knights quest, crate challenge  and canoeing!


Hill Group


Hill group have had a great first day on the Giant Swing, Nightline, Caving and Pirhana Pool!


Hill group have had another great group on the trapeze, climbing, canoeing, knights quest, archery and crate challenge. We all pushed ourselves really hard and did really well!


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Wednesday 4th March - 10:30pm


Everyone is well fed, happy and tucked up in bed after a fantastic day of activities. We ended the day with a brief reflection on the day and team challenge, where each group shared their funniest moment of the day and their ‘star of the day’. Well done everyone.

Wednesday 4th March - 3.00pm


Everyone survived the walk from the car park up to the Robinwood centre this morning! The teachers have told us that they've had a great start to their trip and that all the children are enjoying their first afternoon of activities. They will try to get some photos up as and when they can, although the signal is rather poor up there!