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Year 6

For those children who are not returning to school this week, we will continue to upload the home learning tasks below. If you require any support, please contact as we are now offering online support sessions with members of the school staff.

Week commencing 13th July

Please find the work for this week. It is slightly different this week, with it being your last full week, which is why it looks different.

Week commencing Monday 6th July

Please find the work which the children will be doing in school.  As usual, the timetable is slightly different when they are in school, so here are the extras.

Friday 10th July
Thursday 9th July
Wednesday 8th July
Tuesday 7th July
Monday 6th July

Week commencing Monday 29th June

Please find the work for Year 6's home learning this week, which follows on from the learning in school last week. There are a couple of optional extra tasks also. The maths in this section is additional support to help you for this week.

Friday 3rd July
Thursday 2nd July
Wednesday 1st July
Tuesday 30th June

Monday 29th June

Please note, the English task is on the daily plan, there isn't a separate info sheet.

Week commencing Monday 22nd June

Here you will find the work that Year 6 will be doing each day while in school.  Please note, the in-school timetable is different to that of the home learning weeks, which will be reflected in the work uploaded.  Here you will also find the music and PE activities which are not assigned to specific days this week, as well as a daily activity and extra maths challenge.

Friday 26th June

Please note, the Dictionary Dilemma game will be uploaded on Friday morning as to not spoil the task for the children who will be in school on Friday.

Thursday 25th June
Wednesday 24th June
Tuesday 23rd June
Monday 22nd June

Week commencing 15th June

Please find the work for this week, year 6.  There is also a transition booklet for you to work through at home, which should help you think about moving on to your next school.

Friday 19th June
Thursday 18th June
Wednesday 17th June
Tuesday 16th June

Monday 15th June


Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th June

Please find the work for the rest of the week.  It is being uploaded in one as it is a pack of work which the children will be working through this week in school.  If you could upload to Seesaw that would be great so we can see what you have been doing.

Monday and Tuesday 8th and 9th June.

Year 6, please note this week's work is slightly different as you will be returning to school from Wednesday; you only have work for home-learning for these 2 days.  The topic tasks (which you normally complete on a Monday) you will now complete in school therefore you have PE and music at the start of the week instead (this is why the dates on these documents don't necessarily match with the dates you have been asked to do them as the other year groups are still doing the same weekly structure as before half term).

Should things change following Trafford's meeting today we will let you know.

Tuesday 9th June - Day 37
Please find your work for Tuesday 9th June.  Remember to check the corresponding information carefully.
Monday 8th June - Day 36
Here are your tasks for Monday 8th June.  Please read the information which goes with the work allocated.
Week 7 - Spellings
Friday 22nd May - Day 35
Thursday 21st May - Day 34
Wednesday 20th May - Day 33
Tuesday 19th May - Day 32
Monday 18th May - Day 31

Week 6

Please find below the work for week 6. They are uploaded in the usual format except for all Art activities (this week's afternoon tasks) are uploaded after Friday. They are to be completed each day as per the overview.

Week 6 Spelling, handwriting and Wellbeing task

Week 6 - Art Week - Daily afternoon activities

This week all your afternoon lessons are art based. There are a variety of different tasks and activities for you to do. Please read the overview for the week first, so you can see some ideas of what to do each day. 

There are suggested tasks for you to do each day, but if you would rather pick a different activity you can. Only pick one activity to do each day.

Remember to upload your work to Seesaw and share your work with your friends and family. We can't wait to see what you all create!

Friday 15th May - Day 30
Thursday 14th May - Day 29
Wednesday 13th May - Day 28
Tuesday 12th May - Day 27

Monday 11th May - Day 26


Monday 4th May Week 5 - VE Day Themed Week

This week is slightly different for you.  We were planning a themed week with different activities for us being in school, so we have decided to give you a 'theme week' this week.

Here you will find different tasks for the week, which you can do in any order (Please read the information document 1st as there are a couple of thing you need to see first before you complete the tasks). You also have you usual weekly spellings and handwriting tasks.  We would love to see what you do, so please upload to Seesaw if you can.

Week 4 - Spellings and Additional Maths Challenge
Friday 1st May - Day 20
Thursday 30th April - Day 19
Wednesday 29th April - Day 18
Tuesday 28th April - Day 17
Monday 27th April - Day 16
Please find our week 3 spellings and work tasks.  We have been enjoying seeing the variety of things you have been uploading to Seesaw; please continue uploading all of the fun and different activities if you can.

Week 3 - Spellings

Friday 24th April - Day 15
Thursday 23rd April - Day 14
Wednesday 22nd April - Day 13
Tuesday 21st April - Day 12
Monday 20th April - Day 11
Please find our week 2 spellings and work tasks.  We have been enjoying seeing the variety of things you have been uploading to Seesaw; please continue uploading all of the fun and different activities if you can.
Week 2 - Spellings
Friday 3rd April - Day 10
Thursday 2nd April - Day 9
Wednesday 1st April - Day 8
Tuesday 31st March - Day 7
Monday 30th March - Day 6
Week 1 - Spellings

Friday 27th March - Day 5

Thursday 26th March - Day 4
Wednesday 25th March - Day 3
Tuesday 24th March - Day 2

Monday 23rd March - Day 1


Please find attached today's home tasks, which are based on our usual Monday timetable. All the Maths and English work set is consolidation and where possible, we have differentiated (see star rating at the bottom of the page) to ensure all children can access the work. All our best wishes, from the Year 6 staff.