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Year 5

Friday 17th July

Thursday 16th July

Wednesday 15th July

Tuesday 14th July
Monday 13th July
Spelling - week commencing 13th July 2020
Friday 10th July
Thursday 9th July
Wednesday 8th July
Tuesday 7th July
Monday 6th July

Spelling - week commencing 6th July 2020

Friday 3rd July
Thursday 2nd July
Wednesday 1st July
Tuesday 30th June
Monday 29th June
Spelling - week commencing 29th June 2020
Friday 26th June
Thursday 25th June
Wednesday 24th June

Tuesday 23rd June

Monday 22nd June

Spelling - week commencing 22nd June 2020

Friday 19th June

Thursday 18th June
Wednesday 17th June

Tuesday 16th June


Please note that the timetable for children in school is running differently to the timetable for home learning in a few places. This afternoon we will be doing spelling, handwriting and some mindfulness and well being activities.

Monday 15th June

Week 8 - 8th-12th June


We hope you have had an amazing half term, were able to enjoy the nice weather and had a bit of a relax!


Mr Whitehead and Mr Odell are in school this week and are looking forward to welcoming many of you back with us next week!


This week's French will be the first week in which we use a new resource. There are instructions on the the daily planning sheet.

Week 8 Spellings
Extra Maths Challenge!
Friday 12th June
Thursday 11th June

Wednesday 10th June


Tuesday 9th June
Monday 8th June
Week 7 - 18th - 22nd May

Good morning!


We hope you have enjoyed arts week and VE week. Mr Whitehead and Mr Odell really loved seeing all of your hard work on Seesaw! This week we return to a normal week with Maths and English in the morning and topic, music, PE, science and French in the afternoons.


Have a great week!

Week 7 Spellings
Week 7 - Friday 22nd May
Week 7 - Thursday 21st May
Week 7 - Wednesday 20th May
Week 7 - Tuesday 19th May
Week 7 - Monday 18th May

Week 6 - 11th - 15th May - Art Week

This week all your afternoon lessons are art based. There are a variety of different tasks and activities for you to do. Please read the overview for the week first, so you can see some ideas of what to do each day. 

There are suggested tasks for you to do each day, but if you would rather pick a different activity you can. Only pick one activity to do each day.

Remember to upload your work to Seesaw and share your work with your friends and family. We can't wait to see what you all create!

Week 6 Spellings - 11th -15th May
Week 6 Day 5 - 15th May
Week 6 Day 4 - 14th May
Week 6 Day 3 - 13th May
Week 6 Day 2 - 12th May
Week 6 Day 1 - Monday 11th May

Monday 4th May - VE Day Theme Week

This week is slightly different for you.  We were planning a themed week with different activities for us being in school, so we have decided to give you a 'theme week' this week.

Here you will find different tasks for the week, which you can do in any order (Please read the information document 1st as there are a couple of thing you need to see first before you complete the tasks). You also have you usual weekly spellings and handwriting tasks.  We would love to see what you do, so please upload to Seesaw if you can.

Welcome back to Week 4 of our ‘at home learning tasks.’ We hope that you are well and enjoying the tasks. This week we are doing things a little differently in response to your emails. We have posted the whole weeks work today (Monday) so that you can see in advance if you need to gather any resources etc. Any problems please use SeeSaw to message us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Keep an eye out for a special treat from the Teachers laugh

Enjoy your tasks!

Week 4 - 27th April - 1st May


Week 4 Spellings

Friday 1st May - Week 4 Day 5
Thursday 30th April - Week 4 Day 4
Wednesday 29th April - Week 4 Day 3
Tuesday 28th April - Week 4 Day 2 
Monday 27th April - Week 4 Day 1
Week 3 Spellings (Beginning 20.4.20)
Friday 24th April - Week 3 - Day 5
Thursday 23rd April - Week 3 Day 4
Wednesday 22nd April - Week 3 - Day 3
Tuesday 21st April - Week 3 - Day 2
Monday 20th April - Day 1 - Week 3

Please take a second look at the Science PowerPoint of Metamorphosis.

The problem with the links should now be solved - Mr Odell

Week 2 Spellings:
Friday 3rd April - Day 5 - Week 2

Thursday 2nd April - Week 2 Day 4

Please take a second look at the Science PowerPoint, hopefully I've sorted out the problem with the links.

Wednesday 1st April - Day 3 - Week 2
Tuesday 31st March - Week 2 Day 2
Monday 30th March - Day 1 - Week 2
Week 1 - Spellings
Friday 27th March - Day 5
Thursday 26th March - Day 4
Wednesday 25th March - Day 3
Tuesday 24th March - Day 2

Monday 23rd March - Day 1 


Please see the attached information sheet for details of today's work.

Today there will be English, Maths, Topic and this week's spellings.