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Thursday 5th September

This week's Think About It Thursday is:

"What makes you feel safe?

Is it the same for everyone? Why / not?

How does school make you feel safe?"

Mrs Southworth


As part of the new DFE guidance for the implementation of the Relationships and Sex Education statutory curriculum as of September 2020, we have become an early adopter school and will be introducing a new weekly lesson scheme called 'JIGSAW'. Clearly stated within the Government guidance, only 'Relationships' is to be taught in Primary schools, with 'Sex Education' being statutory in Secondary schools. Although Primary schools may teach parts of Sex Education (outside of the statutory Science lessons), as a school we have chosen not to do this and just to focus on 'Relationships' at this time.


If you wish to find out more about this, on Wednesday 18th September (6.15pm - 7.15pm) we will be holding a parent information session. This will be run by JIGSAW and will give parents an opportunity to find out more about the scheme. Mrs Southworth will also be available to answer any questions that you may have regarding this.

Welcome to our Wellbeing page for the new academic year: 2019-18


Here you will find information regarding the wellbeing work we may be doing with our children, including the weekly 'Think About It Thursday' topics. You will also find our new wellbeing display in the reception which will give you an overview of all the different areas where we support wellbeing across the school.

Thursday 20th June

This week’s Think About It Thursday is:

What ways are people different and similar?

Mrs Southworth

Thursday 13th June

Think About It Thursday this week was an image of a little girl, in front of a beautiful blue ocean, lifting up the shore line to reveal plastic bottles and waste. The quote which went with it was:


Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there


This week’s discussion aims to highlight the issues we have with plastic - especially single use plastic - and the problem it presents to our world.

Mrs Southworth

Thursday 23rd May

The discussion points for this week’s Think About It Thursday revolve around a scenario and a problem. In this problem a child was given a lovely present by a friend, however they then found out it was stolen. We discussed if this was being generous or not and if it is fair that some people have more than others.

Mrs Southworth

Thursday 16th May

This week's Think About It Thursday:  

"Is it ever ok to cheat on a test?"

Mrs Southworth

Thursday 9th May



Today's 'Think about it Thursday' was talking about resilience.  The children were able to look at the meaning of the word and disucss examples of where they may show resilience.  We also discussed how being resilient can help you as a person in a number of ways.

Mrs Southworth

Wednesday 1st May

As we aren’t in school tomorrow, we have done our Think About It Thursday today:


“What makes you and others around you happy?

Do the same things always make everyone happy?

Could someone be happy and sad at the same time?

Why/not? How would they know? Is it a bad thing?”

Mrs Southworth

Friday 25th April 

Today was the first day of my ‘mindfulness / relaxation’ club. I feel that being able to relax, calm and take your mind off things is important; even to have 5 minutes in the day for yourself to not think about anything other than the present helps keep a healthy mind. I had a fantastic interest in this club and so have had to split it into different age groups. With the SATs coming up, year 6 have the opportunity to try this club this half term. They have enjoyed being calm, colouring, being peaceful and just talking time out. Next half term I will open up the club to the rest of the school. I have enjoyed listening to the relaxing acoustic music too - ready for Friday afternoon now!

Mrs Southworth

Friday 25th April

This morning year 6 had a talk given by an ex Stamford Park Pupil who talked to them about Mental Health. She felt is is key to realise awakes of this so that children are well informed and feel confident to speak to someone about it and to look for getting help. Thank you Emily.

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Thursday 25th April

With the success of our Tuesday morning ‘My Happy Mind’ sessions, we have developed an additional whole school initiative to help discuss and debate a range of different issues and scenarios. This is to support the new PSHE framework which the government have developed and will become statutory as if Sept 2020.


‘Think About It Thursdays’ started this week when all classes spent the assembly time discussing the given topic (all classes will be discussing the same “thought” which I will post on here each week. It brought up some very interesting discussions and view points which we enjoyed listening to very much! 


“What does kindness mean to you? Is it everywhere? Can it always be seen?”

Mrs Southworth