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Parents' FAQs

On this page we hope to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from parents. If you have any additional questions that you feel would be relevant here, please contact the school directly and we will add them to this page.


When does the school day run from and to?


Our school day begins at 9.00am and ends at 3.15pm. Staff are on duty in both playgrounds from 8.45am and therefore you are welcome to drop your child off from this time; please note that the playgrounds are not supervised prior to 8.45am. If you are going to be late to pick your child up at the end of the day, we would ask that you call the school office to inform them. 


Where do I collect my child from at the end of the day?


Year 5 and 6 children leave the school via the Upper Junior playground, which is adjacent to Queens Road. Year 3 and 4 children leave the school via the Lower Junior playground, which is adjacent to the Infant School; this can be accessed once the main gates open at 3.00pm each day by walking around past the Junior School building. Staff will escort children out at the end of each day and remain outside until 3.25pm; at this point, they will take your child up to the school office to wait.


What is the uniform policy in the school?


The school uniform consists of: a plain white polo shirt or a white shirt, a navy cardigan or jumper with red stripes (this can be bought directly from Monkhouse in Altrincham) with a grey pinafore / skirt / trousers. Navy tights or navy socks are recommended. In the summer, blue and white checked dresses can be worn (again available directly from Monkhouse in Altrincham). A warm, waterproof coat is also recommended for the winter months. School shoes should be black or navy.


What does my child need for PE lessons?


For PE your child will need: a plain white t shirt (or a white t shirt with the school logo from Monkhouse), dark coloured shorts, trainers, plain socks and a dark coloured, plain tracksuit. We do have a school tracksuit which can be purchased directly from the school office. Longer hair must be tied back securely and stud earrings must be removed; if your child has recently had their ears pierced, they will need to bring in their own medical tape to cover their earrings up for the duration of the PE lesson.


How can I contact my child's class teacher?


If you wish to contact your child's class teacher, please contact the school office directly on 0161 928 3608.


How can I contact the Governors at the school?


If you wish to contact  the Governors, please contact the school office directly on 0161 928 3608.


What do I need to do if my child is unwell?


If your child is unwell and will be absent from school, please contact the school office directly on 0161 928 3608 before 9am.


What do I do if my child has allergies or needs to take medication?


When your child first starts at the school, you will be asked to complete a detailed medical form. Please record all allergies on this form so that we can make all staff aware, including the kitchen staff if it is a food allergy. If your child needs to take any medication, please bring this medication in on a daily basis to the school office. Mrs Johnson will advise you as to what we are able and are not able to administer. This medication must not be left with your child or in their bag while in school.


I want to help at the school. Who should I contact?


If you wish to help at the school, please contact the school office directly on 0161 928 3608. One of the office staff will then direct your call to the most appropriate person.