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Welcome to our Eco-Council page


Here are our wonderful Eco-Council team ready to work on the school this year.


National Clean Air Day

On Thursday 20th June it is National Clean Air Day. I wonder if more of you are able to consider walking, cycling or scooting a bit further to school on this day to try and help reduce the amount of polution we are putting into our local air.  Hopfully it will be a nice day and you could get some fresh air and sunshine too!

As our Eco council have been looking at waste, our cook Rose has also been observing the same thing.  We discussed with the school, in a whole school assembly the cost of items which get throun away - such as full, uneaten cookies, fuit pts or even cheese triangles unused or touched!  Rose also let us know how much water and detergent we can save by only taking and using the cutelry that we actually need.

This year, while I had been on maternity leave, Mr Odell has been working with the Eco-council on a number of different ventures. They have completed ‘Switch off Fortnight’, evaluating the electrical usages of the different staff members and rooms. They have been thinking about how waste can be monitored, and have some plans for work and projects to start after Easter.

(Mrs Southworth)