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Welcome to the Eco Council page!


This year is starting differently to any other and unfortunately, for now, we cannot have our usual Eco Council representatives from each class. Later in the year, we do hope to elect another Eco Council to continue the great work of last year’s council.


That said, as a school we have not forgotten about the environment! We have once again been awarded the Green Flag Eco Award for our efforts to keep our school environmentally friendly.

Bike to School Week - 28th September - 2nd October 2020


This week is Bike to School Week and we have had so many children doing their bit for the environment, whilst keeping themselves active, as they walk, cycle, scoot and skate to school. We will definitely be making an impact on the school’s Carbon Footprint by minimising the amount of traffic on our roads. Keep up the great work guys!


Look at the amount of bikes, scooters and skateboards we have in school this week! Don’t forget, if you want your teacher and classmates to see pictures of you cycling, walking, scooting or skating to school, upload your photos to Seesaw!

Eco Council 2019-20



The Eco Council have been focusing on Food Waste in the school. We started with an assembly to raise awareness of Food Wastage in the school. We then took a questionnaire from each class asking their opinions on what we think we are wasting in the school and how we can reduce our food wastage. After this, each member of the Eco Council took it in turns to monitor the bins and see how much we are really wasting each day!


We are also working on a sustainable building project with a local building company who are building in the local community. We will be visiting the building site in May to see the project when it is half built and will then go later in the year to help plant som flowers and tress around the site to ensure it is green! 


We are also lucky enough to have the building company help us develop two green areas in our school. The Eco Council have started designing these areas which we will submit to the builders soon!


These areas do need a little TLC!

In order to help us reduce our food waste, we ran a poster competition! We have had some amazing entries and the Eco Council will take a vote on our favourites to display as large posters around the school.

Below are all the entries we had for the competition and the winners will be anounced in assembly on Friday!

(Please note - The names have been blanked out of the posters for data protection - We are super proud of all those who entered!)

17th and 18th March


This week, each class in the school has taken part in an Eco Workshop which focuses on growing food and sustainability. All of the children have learnt about where our food comes from, food miles and how to cut down on pollution created through buying food from overseas. Each child has planted their own broad bean seed to nurture and grow over the next few weeks. The Eco Council would love to see as many pictures as possible of you guys looking after your seedlings at home. We hope too that many children will bring their plants back into school to be planted at school. The beans can then be used by our kitchen in the school dinners we eat!


The Eco council also took part in another workshop after school in which they learnt about plastic waste and reducing, reusing and recycling. We even made our own upcycled wallets from juice cartons!


For more photos of your child’s class, please see the class pages where teachers have posted pictures from the workshops.