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May 2021


Over the last few weeks, I have been informed by students in Year 6 of multiple incidents across the year of bad language use, inappropriate topics being discussed and in some cases verbal and physical altercations. These incidents were investigated and dealt with in line with our school’s behaviour policy, involving contacting parents where necessary.


After reviewing these cases with the staff, it has become apparent that most of the language and content discussed has come from what the children are viewing online and therefore copying. It appears apps like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, online gaming and certain television shows are being viewed and in some cases, the content is not age appropriate.


I would therefore ask that you consider reviewing the current access of your children to social media and discuss how they are feeling with regards to keeping safe online. With such sites, there are content filters that are available to limit screen time, restrict explicit content or turn off location services. We understand and appreciate you are aware of the risks the internet can pose and will probably have these steps in place. Over the last week we have discussed such risks and reminded the children of how to stay safe online and therefore a conversation at home could help to further embed this message.

Whilst we also appreciate social media has many benefits and that the children may already have access to some platforms, we are seeing across the country that the rate in which inappropriate content is viewed is increasing in primary age children. I have attached a selection of safety guides that are easy to use when discussing these apps with your children and highlight potential risks that the children might not have thought of.


I have also attached some links to further information if you would like more support.  


If you would like any more support or would like to discuss online safety further, please contact the school and I would be happy to assist where I can. 


Michael Smith


Stamford Park Junior School

Online Safety Guides