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Class 6 CR

Thursday 15th October

What a fantastic day we have had climbing Mam Tor. The weather was great, which meant the views were spectacular, particularly from the trip point at the top. We enjoyed lunch with a view, some group tasks, discussions about the environment and changes in the climate followed by a trek to the next peak before heading back to school for a cup of warming hot chocolate. Well done on the climb Year 6, Mrs Rodgers.

Monday 12th October

After a morning of assessments, we had a wonderful art afternoon learning how to draw objects and characters by following step by step instructions. We found that looking at objects as a series of lines and smaller shapes much easier to draw than trying to tackle the whole object in one go. This will help us next half term, when we will be looking at still life drawing. Mrs Rodgers

Friday 2nd October

Hello Year 6. I thought I'd share with you my walk up Mam Tor, which I did today, to help you prepare for when we do it on Thursday 15th October. I set off from home a round the same time we will be seeing off from school and was back in plenty of time for the end of the school day.

The first and probably most important thing is dress in warm and in appropriate clothing. As we've been discussing during topic lessons, the weather changed as I got higher. I wore sports leggings, long socks, trail trainers, 5 top layers (including a waterproof coat), gloves and a hat. This was just about right for the day. I also took a backpack with me for if I needed to take any layers off or add another one and to carry my lunch and water in.

The walk up from the car park was relatively quick and although it was rocky under foot, it was a comfortable climb. There are quite a lot of steps up, so you may be out of breath and your thighs may ache on the Friday. The path up is wide enough for us to walk with a partner and still have plenty of room for other people to pass us. The slopes either side of the path vary in gradient, but so long as we stick to the path, we'll be fine.

As I climbed, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up, which made the climb slightly harder. At the top, there is a trig point (a fixed surveying station built to map the contours of the land) from which there are spectacular views across the Peak District. Although is was cloudy, I was still able to see for miles.

I explored the area around the trig point and on the other side of Mam Tor and found a perfect spot for us to eat our lunch. The wind made lunchtime quite tricky, but the views made it worth while. After lunch and a bit more of an explore, I walked back down the same way I'd climbed up. I've attached some of my photos for you to see, but it's so much better in real life. I hope this helps you prepare for our trip and you're excited to climb Mam Tor. Mrs Rodgers

Wednesday 30th September

Despite the rain, we had a wonderful art lesson exploring photography and lighting effects. Last art lesson, we looked at 3 different Manchester based photographers and compared their works. Today, we took iPads outside and photographed close up shots, spotted letters within architectural structures and explored perspectives before returning back to the classroom to adjust lighting and contrast to make areas stand out. Great work 6CR, Mrs Rodgers.

Wednesday 23rd September

We spent one lesson today discussing and exploring the beautiful book ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’. We then enjoyed selecting our favourite images, pages and quotes and reproducing them in our own way. Some children recreated the image as it is in the book, whilst others adapted them and made up their own quote. It was a lovely lesson and the work is proudly displayed in our classroom. Below are some examples and our display. Well done 6CR, Mrs Rodgers.

Welcome Back!

Hello 6CR and welcome back. We hope you have had a lovely Summer Holiday and are ready to begin a new school year. We are all in the same boat - getting used to new routines and school layout - so let's stick together and we'll have a great year. See you on Thursday.