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5TW 2020/21


Welcome to the 5TW Class Page. Here you will find lots of photos and information about what we have been getting up to in the classroom.

Please note that our current PE day for the spring term is a Friday and children should come into school in their PE kit.

We’re about halfway through our year and look how much they’ve grown!

W/C. - 15.3.21


We’ve had another fantastic week filled with hard work and fun! We began planning our Tudor Houses for STEAM and learnt about different types of saws and ways we could join wood. We looked into body image and what we can do to improve our own self image and that of others and then took some time out at the end of our day to centre our minds with some mindfulness colouring.

On Friday, our class all wore some amazing outfits in aid of comic relief!

Welcome Back 5TW! - 8.3.21


It’s our first week back in school and we have had a fantastic week. Mr Whitehead has been amazingly impressed at the eagerness and enthusiasm all the children have had this week! It’s been a great first week and a busy one too! We have been hard at work learning all sorts from how to put somebody into the recovery position to understanding electrical resistance.

Merry Christmas!


 I would like to wish you all a safe and merry Christmas! The children of 5TW have worked so hard this term and have handled every challenge thrown at them with great spirit. Well done guys!


Mr T Whitehead

Friday 18th December


It’s our last day and we are all looking fantastic in our Christmas jumpers!

Thursday 17th December


Today we have come to the end of this term’s Topic and have created aboriginal art. They have turned out to be fantastic! 

Wednesday 16th December


Today we visited the first ever SPJS Christmas Art Gallery. We had our own display and Mr Whitehead found it very difficult to choose from all of our amazing work! There is a full walkthrough video on the news and events page.

Friday 11th December

This morning, we have been performing News Bulletins, reporting on polar explorers reaching the poles.


This afternoon, we have been working on Christmas centrepieces to sell at the Christmas fair. We have used recycled materials to create Christmas trees and snowmen. We have learnt to safely use hot glue guns and have even mastered the use of craft knives for cutting cardboard.

Wednesday 9th December

Our book fair is still in school and will be until the end of this week. Every class bubble has now visited the fair for contactless browsing and many orders have already been fulfilled. I have attached images of the shelves for you to see which books the children looked at and are in school. The cut off for ordering books currently stands at 1pm tomorrow (Thursday 10th December), so please do order. As in previous years, if we reach a certain amount, we get free books for classrooms.

Thank you, Mrs Rodgers.

Tuesday 8th September


Today we have been looking at Bridget Riley in topic. She was famous for her ‘Op-Art’ which plays tricks on your eyes! We have created mood boards on publisher and will be creating our own art in the style of Riley next week!

Friday 4th September


Today in Topic we have been looking at Andy Warhol. We used publisher on the laptops to find images we could copy and colour in his style of art.

Friday 27th November


Today in Topic we have been researching and creating fact files all about British Polar Explorer Robert Falcon Scott who reached the South Pole second in a race with Norwegian Ronald Amundsen.

Thursday 26th November


Today we have been acting again! This time, in science, we have been demonstrating how night and day are caused and looking at the phases of the moon.

Wednesday 25th November


Today in Jigsaw we have been looking at rumours and how they are spread. We played a game of socially distant Chinese whispers and created snakes and ladders games where we figured out how to work against rumours and bullying.

Friday 20th November


Today in Topic we have been looking at realism and Impressionism. We stuck a half of Monet’s bridge painting onto some art paper and completed it ourselves. They turned out amazingly!

Wednesday 18th November


This week is anti-bullying week and we have created role plays which we have filmed. We focused on how to combat bullying and have some amazing actors in our class.

Monday 16th November 


 Today we have had our first Hockey lesson. We learnt to control the ball using a hockey stick and found it was not as easy as it looks!

Thursday 12th November


This term we have been learning about our solar system and today we modelled the way the Earth and Moon orbit the Sun.

Tuesday 10th November


Today we have been learning about how colours mix and how we can use contrasting or complimentary colours in our artwork. We have created colour wheels to practice our mixing of the primary colours.

Monday 9th November


This week is maths week and year 5 have joined hundreds of other children for an online maths extravaganza. We tackle all sorts of amazing puzzles!

Friday 6th November


This week we have made poppies. We all walked down to our local church to plant them in memory of those who have fought for our country.

Tuesday 13th October


Today we have been revising our science ready for our test. We made fantastic science posters!

Wednesday 7th October


This week has been assessment week and we have been working really hard. In order to relax and clear our minds, in the afternoons, we have been learning to draw and focusing on mindfulness. In 5TW we have really enjoyed drawing cartoons and have come up with some amazing pieces of art!

Wednesday 7th October


Year 5 have been very lucky to have Rose from our school kitchen teach us all about healthy eating habits and cookery skills. We have made delicious halloumi kebabs!

Friday 2nd October


Today we have been investigating the effects of air resistance and made parachutes which varied in either size, material or shape.

Tuesday 22nd September


Today we have been learning about African Kente cloth and have made our own versions, weaving in wool.

Thursday 17th September


Today, in Science, we have been looking at the force of gravity and comparing the mass and weight. We used Newton metres to measure how gravity acts on a variety of objects.

Tuesday 15th September


Today, in computing, we have been learning about Morse Code. We even managed to get out in the glorious weather to transmit our own messages using torches.

Monday 14th September


Today we have been doing some art in our Topic lesson. We have been designing and drawing masks in the style of those warn in Ancient Benin.

Wednesday 9th September

It’s our first week back and we have been learning about Islam in RE. We have been learning how to write our name in Arabic.

5TW 2020/21


Hello to the new 5TW!

It has been such a shame not to have a proper moving up day but I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and teaching you next year. Year 5 is a great year and we cover some amazing topics such as rivers, forces and greek myths.


I will update this page fortnightly with pictures of all of the exciting things we get up to so that you can show your friends and family.


I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I can't wait to see you all in September!


Mr T Whitehead