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Thursday 11th June - Our end of year treat


Year 3 and 4 worked hard at the Christmas fair and managed to raise lots of money for their end of year treat. We had a class vote and decided to spend it on a Lego team building workshop. 120,000 Lego bricks were brought to our school and we spent the morning making our own little village. As you can see, the children (and adults) had the best time!

Monday 24th June - Sports Week


This week the children will have the opportunity to try sports/activities which they may not have had a go at before. They need their PE kits in every single day. 



CAFT sponsored run

Tuesday 30th April - Shape walk


This half term we will be looking at shapes and their properties. Today we went for a walk around the school ground with iPads to take photos of shapes we can see. We then took them back to our classroom, discussed what shapes they were and talked about their properties. 

Tuesday 23rd April - Drama 


This week we are looking at fables, spotting their features and then writing our own. Today we looked at a famous Greek author of fables called Aesop and had a go at acting out some of his well known stories. 

Tuesday 23rd April - Fractions 


Today was the first day back after a lovely Easter break. The children learnt how to find fractions of amounts using smarties.

Wednesday 3rd April - Roman Mosaics


This half term we have been learning about the Romans. Today we looked at some of their art work, designed our own mosaics in the same style and then had a go at creating them. It was much harder than we thought and took a lot longer than expected but we had a good time and the children created some lovely designs. 

Egg Mobile 2019


Stamford Park Juniors are launching their new STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art and maths). We are kicking it off with our annual egg mobile competition. Each child will be designing and creating their own egg mobile to enter into the competition. The focus will be on them researching their own ideas and tweaking them to get to the final product. 



Egg Mobile - The research stage

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th February - Measuring in maths


This week we are learning how to measure length. We have spoken about the different units of measurement, the equipment we can use and how to convert cm, m and mm. The children have practised measuring objects around the classroom and some of their body parts. Here are some photos of them working hard. 

Monday 28th January - Using an atlas 


Today the children used an atlas to label places around the world with a focus on continents and seas. We then plotted where volcanoes can be found. 


Test your child and see if they remember the names of the different continents and seas. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spring 1 - Volcanoes 


Our topic this half term is Restless Earth. As part of this topic, we learn about volcanoes around the world, how they erupt and the effect it has on the people who live nearby. To start, we made our very own model volcanoes, made them erupt and then wrote instructions on how we did it. 


Here are some photos of the making process and the eruptions. As you can see, we had lots and lots of fun!!

Making our models

Painting the volcanoes

Tuesday 18th December - Christmas Cards 


Today Year 3 made Christmas cards by painting their hands/feet and printing onto card. They then decorated their pictures to create their final masterpieces. We had lots of fun and made lots of mess!

Monday 17th December - Children’s Christmas Fair 


Every year the school has a Christmas fair which is ran by the children. This year 3JW’s stalls were Beat the Keeper, a bake sale and Name the Penguin. After lots of hard work from the children and some very generous donations from parents our class raised a HUGE £194 for our end of year treat!


Thank you so much for your donations and a big thank you also to Mr Spinola who was our goal keeper. 

10th, 11th and 12th December - The Christmas Production


After weeks of hard work and preparation, Year 3 finally got to showcase their talents in our Christmas Production. I was blown away by their amazing acting skills and word perfect songs. 


Well done Year 3!


Thank you to everyone who came to watch. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas. 

Monday 19th November - Bronze Age beakers 


We spent the afternoon pretending to be Bronze Age Beaker People. We learnt who the beaker people were, how they made beakers and what they used the beakers for. It was a very messy afternoon but we had fun and learnt a lot. 

Anti-bullying week 


This week we have been thinking about how we can choose respect to make sure we are being a good friend. On Monday we wore odd socks to celebrate the fact that everyone is different. The day started off with an assembly on what bullying is and what respect means. On Tuesday we discussed ways in which people could show respect and gave each other compliments to spread positivity. On Friday we had a visit from somebody who taught us how to deal with bullying and discussed how we could be respectful to each other to prevent people from feeling sad and alone in school. 

Tuesday 13th November - Magnetic games 


In science we have been learning about how magnets work and have designed our own magnetic games. Today we started making them! There was lots of dangerous equipment so we had to work together and make sure we were following the Design and Technology rules. We all managed to use the saw and a ruler to cut our wooden sticks to the correct length ready to make into our jinx frame next week. 

Monday 12th November - Stone Circles 


We did some research about Stone Henge. We learnt about how it was built, what historians think it was used for and why people still visit it today. We then designed our own Stone circles. We had lots of uses for our monuments; some people created monuments to celebrate friendship, some people created them for spending time with families and some made an arena for fighting. We then made our monuments in sand trays. 

Wednesday 7th November - Acting 


Today we read an extract from a story called ‘Oi Caveboy’. This story is about a young boy called Iggy, his mum and his dad. It is set in the Stone Age time. Once we had read the first 2 chapters together the children predicted what would happen next and acted them out. The children thoroughly enjoyed their drama lesson and I think everybody enjoyed their little plays. Here are some photos of the children in action. 



Monday 5th November - Becoming archaeologists 


Today the children in year 3 became archaeologists. They had a tray of sand and they had to sieve it to find some objects. They then had to work in their teams to decide which of the objects were important. They then discussed in their groups what the artefact was, why they thought it was important and what it told us about the lives of the Stone Age people. 

Monday 15th October - Cave paintings 


In year 3, we have been learning about prehistory. We looked at some of the ways the homosapiens communicated. After looking at cave paintings around the world, we discussed the key themes and designed our own. We then mixed paints to make a colour you might find in a cave. Finally, we stuck our painted pieces of card underneath our tables and lay under it to draw our pictures so it was like we were actually in a cave. Here are some photos of us creating our masterpieces. 

Friday 5th October - Harvest festival 


Today we celebrated the harvest. Year 4 did an amazing assembly with lots of information about why the harvest is important and some lovely singing too. Thank you for all of your very kind donations which will now help people in our community who are less fortunate than us. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Tuesday 2nd October - Trip to the park 


This half term, our topic is ‘New Beginnings’. We have been learning about our local area, orienteering around the school and learning about map symbols. Today, we were lucky enough to put our map reading skills to the test as we orienteered around Stamford Park. Thank you to all of the parents who helped us and well done to all of the children for being wonderful! 

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

Wednesday 12th September


Thank you to everyone who came to 'Meet the Teacher'. Please find the PowerPoint used for the session. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Tuesday 11th September - Science 


Our first Science topic this half term is ‘Forces and Magnets’. Today we were investigating which surface created the most friction. Here is our first ever science experiment in action!!