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12 things to do before the end of Year 3!

Year 3 have been busy making fraction museums; consolidating their understanding with different fraction representations.

I’m a Teacher Get Me Out of Here


What an amazing day!! All the teachers took part in I'm a Teacher Get Me Out of Here, kindly organised and run by the PTA. This saw the teachers dressing as elves, taking on obstacle courses, getting pied in the face as well as the dreaded eating challenge. We had a fantastic day and the children loved every minute. 

Thursday 10th December - Greek Myths 


The children have been working hard for the past 2 weeks on reading Greek myths, understanding their features, describing a Greek setting, creating their own hero/heroine and creating their own monster for their hero/heroine to battle. Today they put all of their ideas together and started planning the plot of their story. Here are some examples of their excellent work. 

Wednesday 9th December

Our book fair is still in school and will be until the end of this week. Every class bubble has now visited the fair for contactless browsing and many orders have already been fulfilled. I have attached images of the shelves for you to see which books the children looked at and are in school. The cut off for ordering books currently stands at 1pm tomorrow (Thursday 10th December), so please do order. As in previous years, if we reach a certain amount, we get free books for classrooms.

Thank you, Mrs Rodgers.

Wednesday 2nd December - Mrs. Tait's Birthday 


Today Mrs Tait turned 21! We have been celebrating her birthday in 3JW.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. TAIT We hope you have the best day. 

Friday 27th November - Maths Museum 


This week, the children have been looking at multiplication and division. Their task today was to show off everything they have learnt using pictoral, abstract and concrete methods. They did this in the form of a museum and here are the final products:

Monday 16th November - Stone Circles 


In our topic lessons we are looking at how the Stone Age shaped the world we know today. Today we looked at Stone Circles, what we think they represented and then we thought about what this tells us about the Stone Age people. We then created our own special stone circles in sand trays. 

Friday 6th November - Poppies 

Today the whole school went to the church to create a display of the poppies we made. Here are some photos of our visit. 


Wednesday 4th November - Remembrance Day


We made poppies ready to take to the church on Friday. These will be displayed in the church garden and every child in school has made one. 

Monday 2nd November - Topic


Today we became archaeologists! In groups, the children sorted through sand trays to find hidden objects. They then looked at them and decided whether they were important or not. We then looked at their artefacts and discussed what we think it was used for and what it tells us about the Stone Age. 

Friday 30th October - Science


This term we have been looking at rocks and soils. We’ve learnt about the three different types of rocks, how they are formed and what we use them for. Today we started looking at what can be found in soil. We learnt about the different layers, what you might find in the different layers and why soil is important. The photos are of the children exploring what they can see in the soil. 

Monday 26th October - Cave Paintings


This lesson, we were looking at examples of cave paintings from Stone Age times and thinking about what it shows us about the lives of the Stone Age people. To give us an idea of what it would have been like, we stuck pieces of paper underneath our tables and then pretended we were in caves. We designed and created our own Stone Age art based on what we have learnt so far. 

Friday 16th October - Book Fair


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school next half term. Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to browse at the different books before we buy them. Instead, we would like you to write a review of the books you have read. A book review tells us information about the book (What happens? What are the characters like? What kind of book is it? Who is it suitable for?). In your book review we would also like you to say why you liked the book and what your favourite part was.


Please have a look at the list of books below. If there is a book you read and enjoyed then please make a book review. The book review will be shared with all of the children in the school. Some of the reviews will also be used for a display. Make sure your review is informative and colourful so it really stands out.

Friday 2nd October - Literacy and Maths Work 


Literacy - Access reading eggs. Complete at least 4 levels and have a read of a book you haven't read before from the library section. 


Maths - Mastery questions - adding ones, tens and hundreds. 

Thursday 1st October - Maths and Literacy Work 


Literacy - Write the problem, resolution and the ending to your story. Remember to add extra details to your story and keep checking your success criteria. I am hoping for a page and a half of writing in total. 


Maths - Adding 3 digit and 2 digit numbers. 


Wednesday 30th September - Maths and Literacy work


Literacy - You will be writing the introduction and the build up to your Stone Age story. Remember to check the success criteria and make sure you describe your setting and characters in detail. 


Maths - Adding and subtracting from a three-digit number 

Tuesday 29th September - Literacy and Maths work


Literacy - We are planning a story. Our story starts out as a normal day but when we arrive at school we touch an artefact from prehistoric times and travel back to the Stone Age. You need to describe the school, describe the new setting when you travel back in time and think about what might happen. We will be writing our stories tomorrow. 


Maths - Subtracting a one-digit number from a three-digit number. Complete the tasks on the PowerPoint and then have a go at the tasks. 

Monday 28th September - Anti-Bullying Assembly 


Today we took part in ‘The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020’. We learnt about what bullying is, what effect it has on people and how we can stop it happening in our school. We drew around our hands and on each finger we wrote the name of someone we could tell if we experienced bullying. We then made a pledge to say we would act against bullying. 

Why not ask your children to recap what they learnt today?

Monday 28th September - Literacy and Maths Work 


As we have some children working from home, I have provided activities for Maths and English. 


Maths - adding 1 digit and 3 digit numbers.

Literacy - create a mind map of ideas for a Stone Age setting. 

Thursday 24th September - Meet the Teacher


Thank you for everyone who came to the Meet the Teacher zoom meeting. Please find below the Powerpoint which was shared. Hopefully, I will get the chance to meet you all properly soon. 

Monday 21st September - Stamford Park trip


Today, Year 3 went to visit Stamford Park. Everyone had a map and used it to orienteer around and find features. We then went back to school and created a key. 

Thursday 10th September - Amazing adjectives 


This week we have been looking at word classes. Our focus today was to make a list of exciting adjectives. The blue words are from the middle of the lesson and the red words were our best ones at the end of the lesson. We hope you’re impressed.  


We cannot wait to welcome you into our school in September. We are busy preparing your classroom and getting everything ready for what we are sure will be an exciting year. 


To find out more about September go to our Latest News page ( Here you will find a virtual tour, information about our school and an activity for you to complete before September. 


See you very soon! 


Miss Wray