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Welcome to the Class 3CC Page     2020-2021

Friday 27th November

In maths we have made our own 3x table museums.  We have shown our understanding of the 3x table in a variety of ways using equipment, pictures and number sentences.  We worked very hard and have made some excellent museums!

27th November - Collecting pine cones

We will be making a variety of pieces for this year's Christmas Fair.  If you have any pine cones in your garden or see any in the parks, please could you bring them to school where we will wash and dry them ready for making!

Friday 6th November - School Hoodies

The school hoodies, arranged by the PTA, arrived today. If you have ordered one for your child, it has been named on the label and given to him/her.  They kept everyone warm and snuggly on the walk to the church this afternoon! As they are clean and intended for use as part of school uniform, they have been kept in school on the back of your child's chair. The children will bring them home next Friday.

Friday 6th November

Today we have walked to St Peter's Church to plant our poppies.  If you're passing by then take a look, they make an eye-catching display. 

Thursday 29th October

We have a selection of Remembrance Day items in the classroom for the children to bring in a donation for if they so wish.  The suggested donation is 50p for a zip pull, reflector, wristband or poppy.

Thursday 29th October

Today we have been looking at some of the “ingredients” of soil.  We managed to find stones, twigs, water, sand, leaves, roots and even a small creature or two!

Wednesday 28th October

Statutory Spelling List - Year 3 & 4


Please find below the statutory spelling list for years 3 and 4. The spellings are not split into year groups as we look at them throughout both of the year groups. This is just for your reference and is not part of our set homework. 

Monday 26th October

Dragon Descriptions - English 


3CC have been focusing on using interesting adjectives in their writing. Today, the children were able to use all of their best literacy skills to describe their very own dragon. This was an exciting task to help our children develop and incorporate adjectives into their writing. 

Mary Anning research websites

Thursday 24th September

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to everyone who joined our Meet the Teacher Zoom yesterday. Please find below the PowerPoint that was shared during the meeting which has information about the curriculum, assessments, homework, general housekeeping as well as a few key dates for this term. 

Assessment Week

To clarify, Year 3 assessment week will take place W/B 12th October.  All other year group assessments will be taking place either W/B 5th October or W/B 12th October.

Monday 21st September

Stamford Park Visit - Geography

We enjoyed a sunny visit to Stamford Park today. As part of our geography topic on maps, we explored how our local area looks on a map. We learnt some key words related to our topic - aerial view and orientation and we had a go at orientating our own maps of the park so we knew which way to go. We had a lovely time exploring in the park and it was super way to apply our geography skills in the real world.

September 2020 - Science

Today we have been on a “rock hunt” around the school grounds.  We looked for things that are made of rock and whether they are man made or natural.

Welcome to 3CC


We are all very excited to meet you all in September and welcome you to our school. We are busy getting everything ready for your new classrooms and planning lots of activities.


Next term you will be able to see pictures and updates about all the activities we have done in school on this page. Until then, please visit the Latest News page ( where you will find a virtual tour, information about our school and an activity for you to complete before September. 


We hope you have a lovely summer break and we can't wait to see you in September.


Mrs Cook & Mrs Columb