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Stamford Park Junior School

Year 6 Robinwood Residential

Hill Group 


We had a fabulous, action-packed three days!! Amongst the many activities, we swung, climbed, canoed, puzzled, faced the zip wire and, most of all, had lots of fun! 

Ridge Group - Days 2 & 3


We faced all sorts of challenges over our second and third days at Robinwood including Crate Challenge, Climbing, Giant Swing, Pirahna Pool and many more! 


Everyone overcome their fears of heights or tiny spaces and each and every member of Ridge developed their teamwork and problem solving skills. A huge well done to everyone. 

Wood Group - Day 2 & 3


Wood group had two more amazing days at Robinwood and we all got stuck in, facing and overcoming our biggest fears! On day 2 we started with archery and we had some real sharp shooters. We then faced very tight spaces in the caving, climbed over 5 metres on the climbing wall and canoed around a lake. The night line was the next challenge, following a rope over an obstacle course with a blindfold on, trying to avoid pesky squirrels who tickled us. After dinner we completed the crate challenge. A very busy day!


On day 3 we solved lots of puzzles in the dungeon and on the challenge course before ending our trip with the zip wire, a favourite for quite a few!


We all loved our Robinwood experience!

Forest Group - Day 2 and 3


We've tackled the crate challenge, the climbing wall, the dungeon, the giant swing, the piranha pool, the nights quest, the obstacle course, the zip wire and all had a go at archery. We had the best time and the children were very supportive of each other and determined to face their fears. Now time to catch up on some well deserved sleep. 

Hill Group - Day 1


We’ve all had a great day and risen to the challenges. Well done everyone! 

Crag Group - Day 1, 2 and 3


We've had a great three days and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and activities. Well done to all the group members, you all challenged yourselves.

Ridge Group - Day 1 


Everyone has had a fantastic first day challenging themselves and taking on all of the exciting activities. We began with Trapeze, followed by canoeing, caving and quest. Bring on day two! Well done all. 

Wood Group - Day 1


Our team have worked really hard to push themselves and face their fears. We first faced the giant swing, before taking on the trapeze, a knight quest and the piranha pool.

Forest Group - Day 1


We've had a fun filled, action packed day! We've done the trapeze, canoeing, caving, the quest and then finished the day with some team games (which we won)!! Everybody is having a great time and they have already faced some of their fears.