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Picture 1 School Council Executive - Alex Year 6
Picture 2 School Council Executive - Ava Year 6
Picture 3 Ahmad Year 6
Picture 4 Arthur Year 6
Picture 5 Fay Year 5
Picture 6 Finn Year 5
Picture 7 Gayatri Year 4
Picture 8 Jessie Year 4
Picture 9 Kyle Year 3
Picture 10 Nieve Year 3


SPJS Welcome Pack - We are creating a pack to send to new starters. This will include maps of the schools, information about teachers, timetables and other useful information. We hope this makes the new starters feel more welcome and ready for their first day. 

Raising Money - We would like to improve the Christmas decorations around school. We hope to run a fundraising event to purchase new ones. We are looking for ideas. If you have any please speak to the school council representatives. 

Improving hygiene in the bathrooms - We are hoping to get squirty soap in the school bathrooms instead of bars of soap. We need to present this idea to Mrs Downing. 

Improving Lunch Times - We recognise that lunch times can be very long if you have no-one to play with. We have proposed that we start having structured games such as football, basketball and cricket which can be organised by a responsible year 6 pupil or an adult. 

Art project - We would like to brighten up the school by displaying more pieces of art work. We are going to try and organise an art day for each class. Our main area for the art work to be displayed will hopefully be the shelters. 

Friday 16th March 2018


Today our school council have been presenting to the school governors to share with them what goes on in our school. They did an excellent job and everyone was very impressed!


Information about your representatives


Hello my name is Ava and I am one of the school council executives. My favourite thing to do is play netball.As a school councilor, I plan to make the school a brighter, more exciting place to be. I am kind, helpful, friendly and easy to talk to. As well as playing netball regularly, I play hockey and I am part of the school teams. 


Hello my name is Alex and I'm one of the school council executives. I believe that I am a level-headed person and I will look at everyone's ideas and opinions and take them all into consideration. I like listening to ideas that are unique. I think using this strategy we can become the most exciting school in Trafford. My hobbies are: cricket, football, tennis, netball and playing on my Xbox. I feel I am a good leader and I hope we can lead this school to excitement. 


Hello my name is Ahmad and I am the school council representative for 6KS. As a school councilor I would like to make changes to the school. I suggest we make learning even more fun and elevate the opportunities for others. I know this is possible because in the past we have proven that team work makes the dream work. I know that as a team we can do anything. I am driven to make the most fun school in Trafford so that the next generation's school councilors will be bright like our team. 


Hello my name is Arthur and I am a school council representative for 6BR. I am a kind friend that is willing to give up my spare time for others. In my time as a school council rep I would like to take part in new projects for the school such as re-doing the playground outside to make it more welcoming as you come in. I would also love to help others with their ideas and make them a reality. 


Hi ! I'm Fay and I am representing 5LC as their school councilor. My aim is to make sure everyone gets a say in this fantastic school. Some of my favourite things are unicorns, spending time with my family and being part of the school council team. I would like to think that I am friendly, smiley and easy to approach. If you have any ideas for the school then please come and tell me so I can share them with my team. 


Hello my name is Jessie and I am kind and helpful. In my spare time I sit and read and try and think of ideas to improve our school. I am planning to suggest a Christmas play competition to raise money for the school to buy more decorations. If you have any ideas please come and tell me. 


Hello I am Finn. I am friendly caring and helpful. The things I like to do include playing tennis, basketball and ping pong. I plan to help improve the school by being a good school councilor and listening to everyone's ideas. I think I will be a good councilor because I am fair and a good listener. 


Hello my name is Gayatri. I am a school council representative for 4FM. I am friendly, reliable and kind. I plan to help the school and make it better. I like to help people a lot because it makes me happy. It is a great opportunity to be in the school council. In my spare time I like to play football, go swimming and do gymnastics. M y favourite subject is Art and I work well with other people. 


Hi my name is Kyle. I am friendly, kind and really helpful. I enjoy playing football, watching Star Wars and I like going to school. I am the school council representative for 3JW and I plan to make the school a better place. 


Hello, mt name it Nieve and I like reading, writing and dancing. I am the representative for 3RC. While I am on the school council I would like to improve the play times and lunch times. I hope to do this by making the equipment at lunch time better and making lunch time longer so packed lunches get more time to eat.