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School Council

The School Council meet on a regular basis to discuss how they would like to change and improve our school. It is run by Miss Birchall and a Year 6 child is normally elected each year to act as the Chair of the meetings. Currently, classes are in the process of nominating their own Class Representative, who will then be elected to the School Council by the rest of their class. Details of each meeting will be posted here by the Chair of the School Council or the individual representatives.

Friday 20th January 2017


Over the past few weeks, the school council has been working hard to complete a number of objectives around the school. 


Before Christmas, we surveyed the school to find out which Christmas film children would like to be shown at the Christmas Film Night. The film selected was Arthur Christmas and the night was a great success, helping to raise funds to be spent within school. We are hoping to run a similar night soon, so watch this space!


The school council have been in consultation with Mrs Downing about making improvements to our school bathrooms. We have selected paint colours for each of the bathrooms and we have also organised a fantastic range of wall stickers and canvases to be displayed in the rooms. 


Most recently, the school council have been pivotal in initiating whole class discussions about the school's behaviour policy, which Mrs Cook and Mrs Rodgers are currently in the process of reviewing. Each school coucil member led important discussions about pupils' view on House Points, Golden time, sticker cards and stamp cards in order to ascertain the success of the current system and where our pupils feel that things could be further improved. 

Monday 28th November 2017


Today, the School Council introduced themselves to the rest of the school during our assembly. They let the rest of the school know how to make suggestions and how to contact them too. They've already been given some suggestions to work on so they'll be kept very busy over the coming months.



Thursday 24th November 2017

Introducing Your School Council


We are the School Council and we want to make this already brilliant school even better! All together there are 9 School Council representatives, including our Chairperson, Fin. We work together as a team to come up with fantastic ideas to improve our school. We help each other out and share ideas. We all meet up before school at 8:30am to discuss our ideas, aiming to make our school even better. Each class has chosen one school representative. This person was chosen by their class in a vote. Then one chairperson from Year 6 was also voted in. Together we will make this amazing school an even better place to be.


I am Fin and I am the Chairperson of the School Council. I am in 6KB and my class chose me to be their Chairperson because I am friendly, sensible and hardworking. I am also a good team leader and help around school. As well as being Chairperson, I work with Izzy to do the assemblies on the laptop. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports including football, which is my favourite; I also play rugby and cricket. My main aim as Chairperson is to help improve this already incredible school.


My name is Erica and I am School Council for 5JS. I want to let other people have a voice and let them tell me what they want to change. I like reading books in my spare time. I love speaking to a crowd and making people happy. I love smiling at people and bringing joy to their faces.


My name is Alex and I am in 4LH. I love reading and building Lego models. I am not nervous when speaking in front of lots of people and I love watching people enjoying themselves.


Hello, my name is Eve and I am a School Council representative for 6KB. I was selected because I am a kind, helpful and sociable person. In my spare time I like to act, sing and dance.


My name is Lucas and I wanted to be part of School Council because I always do what I am told and think that this would help. I think my class chose me because I am nice, friendly and I am always on the happy side.


My name is Patrick and I am a School Council member for 5KW. I want to help make the School an even better place. In my spare time I like doing card tricks. I will be a good School Council because I am good at listening to peoples ideas and I also have good ideas.


My name is Asmita and I am a School Council representative for 6RO. I want to make my school a bit better and so listen to what the rest of the school wants to do.