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Saturday 1st December - Lantern Parade 


For the last few weeks the school council have been working hard to promote the lantern parade. They have made posters and flyers and then stayed late after school to talk about the parade with parents and try and encourage people to attend. Fortunately, their hard work paid off and we had an excellent turn out! 


Thank you so much to everybody that attended and we you had a great time attending the workshops, marching in the parade and singing Christmas songs with the choir!


Here are some photos from the event. 

Thursday 15th November - Book Swap 


One of our Year 5 school council representatives had a really good idea to do a book swap. The idea behind it was that everybody would get the opportunity to swap a book they had read for a new one. Lots of children took part and it was very well organised by our school council team. Thank you to everyone who brought in a book and thank you to all of my helpers. 

Your representatives

Year 6 - Alex 


My name is Alex and I am very excited to have the role of school council. I think I make a good school council because I have  lots of ideas to improve the school like spreading the word of school events, for example the lantern parade and the book swap. I also have previous experience of being on the team because I was school council in Year 4.


Year 6 - Rosie

My name is Rosie and I am very happy to have the job of school council. I asked to be on school council because I wanted to help the teachers and the rest of the team but also I had lots of ideas. These ideas included helping with school events and spreading the word about activities we had organised. I also love everything that we are doing at the moment as it is very fun and interesting. This is a new experience but is very enjoyable.