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Welcome to the Stamford Park Junior School's PTA page...




The Parents’ and Teachers’ Association at Stamford Park Junior School is a registered charity formed with the goals of raising money and having fun. The PTA is an integral part of the school community, and in addition to fundraising, we put on events that bring the families of SPJS together.

In recent years, the PTA have helped to fund a wide range of extras for the school including the refit of the ICT room, a piano, along with numerous in school performances, contributions to school trips and parties, plus year 6 leavers presents.

The PTA would like to thank everyone who has supported us by either donating or giving their time helping out at events throughout the year. All support is truly appreciated and the monies raised directly benefit the students of the school. Thanks to our fundraising efforts and the support of parents, we have been able to raise over £8,000 pa in recent years.




The PTA is made up of a committee of people - parents and teachers - who meet regularly to plan events and activities, and is supported by a team of parent-volunteers who give their time to help out at these events. Each year we welcome new parents to come and join us and bring fresh ideas and energy.


Activities can vary from year to year, but our efforts are generally focused on the following:


  • “Back to School BBQ”- this usual takes place on a Friday evening early in September it is an opportunity for pupils and parents to get to know each other and a great start to the school year.
  • Our ever popular “Beetle Drive” a really fun family event and always has a waiting list for tickets!
  • The “BIG Disco” is always a much anticipated event for the all of the Junior school pupils.
  • The Summer Fun Day – this is a joint event with the Infant School - filled with fun, food and activities.


Along with these key events we hold various cake sales, raffles, clothing collections and other new events each year.




Any help you can give from as small as helping on a stall for half an hour or just giving ideas is always appreciated. Whatever we raise benefits  your children.




This year we are raising money to pay for new lighting for the upper and lower Junior playgrounds. We are hoping to get the lighting in place before the end of 2017, enabling the sports clubs to continue their training in the darker winter months.

We are also hoping to invest in some new seating in the playgrounds, along with new plants to brighten up the Centenary garden and the school planters.



Thank you to everyone baked and bought cakes at our Easter cake sale on the last day of term - we raised over £150,  

We have donated the profit from the cake sale to the Eco-council who have  used the money to buy some colourful plants for the planters around the playgrounds and in the Centenary Garden.   

This is what the Centenary garden looked like a few days ago ...







A huge thank you to everyone who made yesterdays Summer Fun Day so successful. 


There were lots of happy children enjoying the day, which is ultimately why we do this, hopefully we raised some funds for the school in the process! Thank you to all the parents and carers who sent in donations on Friday morning, the volunteers who helped on the stalls, cooked on the BBQ, the people who helped label the prizes on Friday and set up Saturday morning. A special thank you to our resident D.J. Mr Scotson, for creating such a fantastic atmosphere and to our school chef Rose for her fabulous street food.