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More Able and Talented

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the More Able and Talented program, please contact me via the school office. I am keen to hear from parents about potential identification, especially talents which are pursued outside of school. Please do not hesitate to contact me and set up a meeting.

(Mrs Rodgers)

Wednesday 15th November 2017


Please see the timetable below for focus group activities and proposed times. Some times have not been set yet; children will be informed when more information is available.

Tuesday 16th May 2017


Please note the changes in terminology. Gifted and Talented will now be referred to as More Able and Talented. Definitions and and details of the identification process are outlined in the MA&T policy.


More Able and Talented pupils are enjoying the variety of workshops, activities and opportunities arranged for this term and are keen to take part. I am in the process of contacting parents for the purpose of discussing new targets and opportunities for MA&T pupils.

(Mrs Rodgers)

Monday 30th January 2017


For further clarification regarding the identification process, please see the attached document.

(Mrs Rodgers)

Wednesday 14th December 2016


What a busy term we've had! We have been fortunate enough to be able to offer a wide range of opportunities for the children, both in school and out, and I am pleased to see how many children are choosing to take part. Workshops, hosted by North West Gifted and Talented, have covered a broad range of subjects and skills, all linked to an area of the curriculum but not covered within the school day. As a part of the school's initiative, we have offered a range of morning sessions, competitions, workshops and visits to Grammar school departments, all of which have been well received.


I am looking forward to next term and all of the wonderful opportunities that we will be able to offer. In the mean time, please keep me updated on your child's achievements, sending me copies of certificates, photos etc. so that we can celebrate them in school.

(Mrs Rodgers)

Monday 5th September 2016


The Gifted and Talented cohort for the academic year 2016-2017 have been identified and both pupil and parents informed.


Stamford Park Junior School identifies:


gifted’ pupils as those who have abilities significantly above and beyond their peers in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum other that art and design, music and PE.


talented’ pupils as those who have abilities in art and design, music , PE or in sports of performing arts such as dance and drama, to a level significantly beyond their peers.


To ensure a consistent and accurate identification process, a variety of methods were employed, including:

  • Teacher recommendation – general characteristics checklist to be used to support staff referral (found in the G&T folder in each classroom)
  • Identification by staff using professional judgements, class work and test results – such as consistently scoring in the top5-10% of their cohort
  • Identification by a previous teacher, a previous school, external agencies or organisations
  • Information from Parents

All children will be offered a range of opportunities that will challenge and extend their talents. Workshops will run before school, at lunchtime, occasionally during lessons and are optional. A timetable has been created and circulated to all children for their information.


Further to this, external workshops, provided by different schools, will be available to children. Information about these workshops will only be sent home to the relevant children, as each one is aimed at specific subjects and ages.