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Wednesday 21st November

Annual School Quiz at Wellington Secondary School

This evening Mr smith accompanied 6 of our year 6 children to Wellington secondary school to take part in their annual quiz night. The children did very well and secured 2nd place behind Heyes Lane! Well done team!

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Wednesday 14th November

Anti-Bullying Week

"Choose Respect" is the theme of Anti-Bullying week this year so 6LC have been discussing how we can show respect to each other. The class came up with some very thoughtful suggestions, many of which I already see them doing every day. We also looked at how unique everyone is. The class wrote a kind comment about their shoulder partner, that we stuck on the board on the classroom for everyone to see. As part of this, we also created some art work using the word 'Respect'. We examined the art work of four different artists, who were all unique in their own way, and used their pictures as inspiration to create our own unique piece of art. 

Monday 12th November

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week has got off to great start. Everyone's odd socks looked great and added a splash of colour around the school. They also helped to highlight how unique we all are.

We have also been selling Anti-Bullying wrist bands, to raise money for the alliance, which were selling fast during break time.

6LC also took part in a virtual reality experience today, looking at bullying. They were immersed in a scenario about bullying and then discussed how the situation could have been handled to put a stop to it as soon as possible. The class conducted a mature and reflective discussion about the scenario.They also talked about why bullies sometimes bully and that it is not always as clear cut as it seems.

Friday 19th October

English - Class Presentations

As a homework task, Year 6 were asked to prepare a presentation for the class on a topic of their choice. The children did not disappoint and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the speakers. We were were treated to some fantastic PowerPoint presentations as well as some special visitors. 

Well done to all the children for creating such super presentations.

Thursday 12th October

Science - Shadow Puppets

This week, 6LC have been creating shadow puppets as part of our science topic on light. This was was a lovely way to draw our topic to an end and the children came up with some very imaginative  stories involving well know fairy tale characters.

Friday 5th October

Harvest Festival


Thank you for all your kind Harvest donations. All the donations will be given to local food banks.

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Monday 1st October

Art - Photography

This half term, year 6 have been looking at Manchester photographers and have created their own photographs in this style. We were very impressed with the results. 

Wednesday 12th September


Science- Light

Today, 6LC investigated how light travels and bounces of surfaces so we can see. In our first experiment, the children identified the different rays of light (incident and reflected) and then measured the angles of the rays using the normal line. We then made our own periscopes out of cereal boxes which was great fun.