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Welcome to the 5LC class page.

Wednesday 10th January

What love means to 5LC


Today 5LC looked at what love means to them.  Here are their posters that they created individually and in pairs.  We hope you like them!

Tuesday 5th December

Maths Factor

Well done to the 5LC Maths Factor team! The team won the class quiz which took them through to the upper junior Maths Factor Final. 

The did fantastic job and were cheered on by their class mates. Unfortunately, they did not win but they worked very well together as a team answering a variety of maths questions and puzzles. 

Picture 1

Tuesday 5th December

Maths Day

Today, the whole school took part in Maths Day. All lessons were linked to maths and we even managed to include maths in our English lesson. 

During English, we wrote poems and raps about maths and the different calculation methods. We then investigated whether taller people can run faster than shorter people, based on a clip of Usain Bolt running the 100m, during our maths lesson. The data we collected will be turned into a scatter graph to see whether we can prove this hypothesis true or false.

In the afternoon, we used Scratch to code different tessallations and make repeated patterns. 

The pictures below show of the work we carried out today. 

The class has a great time and worked really well together to create some great pieces of work.

Thursday 29th November

Science - The Solar System

Our very own solar systems! Today in 5LC, we learnt about the size of the planets in our solar system. We then worked in pairs to create our own model using plasticine. Miss Quinn (our student teacher) was very impressed with the work we produced!

Friday 17th November

Anti-bullying Week

This week 5LC have been talking about bullying and how we can help others and ourselves if the situation occurs. As a class, we have made a hand wreath celebrating how unique we all are and how we can help others.

Picture 1

Tuesday 7th November

Science - The Planets

Friday 6th October

Art and Sustainability

As part of aschool focus on sustainability, both year 5 classes took part in an art lesson using sustainable materials. The children had the opportunity to work together to create pieces of art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. The art work they produced was fantastic!


Wednesday 20th September

Science - Desiging the Perfect Parachute 

Today, 5LC investigated the effects of air resistance by designing a new parachute. They had lots of great ideas and experimented with lots of different shapes and sizes. We discovered that the greater the surface area of the parachute the better it was at falling slowly. 

Friday 8th September


As part of year 5 computing, the class got to explore and use semaphores. They used the flags to send messages to their partner. Some of the signals were trickier than others but the class worked really well at perfecting the signs. 

Picture 1