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Thursday 27th September 




In Topic we are currently learning about The Kingdom of Benin. We have discovered that the people of Benin made many different kinds of art - one being weaving. We looked at the different colours and patterns certain people would weave and why they were used. 


Weaving was was definitely not an easy task, however, we got there in the end! We hope you enjoy looking at some of our fabulous masterpieces. Unfortunately, we won’t be taking any orders.... frown


Monday 24th September 


Testing Air Resistance


In science we have been learning all about forces. Today we created our own parachutes with a bin bag, string, tape and a paper clip. We then dropped each parachute from the same height and timed how long it took to fall to the ground. We realised that the larger the surface area in the parachute, the greater the air resistance force. We all worked brilliantly in our groups and really enjoyed carrying out this experiment!


Thursday 13th September 


Benjamin Zephaniah


This week we’ve been looking at a famous poet called Benjamin Zephaniah. We have worked really hard to create a presentation all about his life and how he became a poet.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Wednesday 12th September


Meet the Teacher


It was lovely to meet everyone that attended tonight's meeting! Here is the PowerPoint for anyone who was unable to attend the session. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Wednesday 5th September 


Sending Messages


Today we’ve been learning about different ways to communicate. Here we are sending messages using semaphores. I think we’re glad we no longer have to communicate this way! frown



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