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Welcome to 4TW's class page.


Here you can find all sorts of information and updates on all the exciting things the class have been doing!

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Monday 2nd July


We have been learning about quadrilaterals today and thinking about the criteria that makes the different types. We measured and cut straws to are accurate squares, rectangles, trapezius, parallelograms and rhombi.

​​​​Friday 29th June


We are finishing sports week with a trip to Hale Tennis club. Wimbledon watch out!


Thursday 28th June


Today in science we have been investigating how sound travels through different materials. We hit clothes hanger to make a sound and then connected different materials to the hangers and put them close to our ears. We could hear the vibrations which had travelled through the material. Amazing stuff!

Wednesday 27th June


Today we have been lucky enough to go skateboarding as part of sports week! It was great fun!

Monday 25th June


This week is sports week so we have been trying to do as much exercise as possible and are really thinking about making healthy choices. Today we challenged ourselves to see how many squats, press ups and shuttle runs we could do in three minutes. We had some pretty impressive scores!

Friday 22nd June


Today we have been investigating lines of symmetry. We cut out lots of paper shapes and then folded them perfectly in half to find whether they were symmetrical.

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Thursday 21st June


Victory dance move, the “dab”, has been banned in 4TW, but for one lesson only the ban was lifted! We took pictures of our dabs on Seesaw and used the shapes we created to draw on acute, obtuse and right angles! 

Wednesday 20th June


We’ve been raving today! We have been dancing in order to help us remember what perpendicular and parallel lines are. Not only this, we had a great discussion about Manchester’s rich musical history and we’ve now got a new favourite Manchunian band. Do you know who it is?


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Tuesday 19th June


Today we have been learning about capacity in maths and comparing and measuring liquids. It was great fun and we managed to stay dry for the most part!

Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th June


This week year 4 have been on their PGL residential trip where we climbed and swam and built, facing fears and building leadership and team working skills along the way. What an amazing three days we had!

Friday 25th May


We wanted to say a huge thank you to the school PTA who kindly provided the school with new games for wet play and golden time. We’ve really enjoyed playing with them this afternoon!

Wednesday 23rd May


This afternoon we have been investigating whether sound can travel through materials. We wrapped an iPad in various materials and then played a sound using a second iPad. We measured the decibels recorded by the wrapped up iPad and compared the difference!

Wednesday 23rd May


This week we have been reading Oliver Twist. The sun was shining so we went outside to act out various scenes from the book. Can you guess the scenes?

Tuesday 22nd May


Today we have been making bar charts from the data we collected yesterday. We took our time and they turned out fantastically. Mr Whitehead is very excited to display them in the classroom.

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Monday 21st May


Our latest topic in maths is statistics. Today we have been getting to grips with collecting and presenting data. We learnt all about tables and tallying results and came up with our own questions to ask the class. We used our tables to collect data within the class ready to use to create bar charts tomorrow.

Friday 18th May


Over the course of the summer term, we have been learning a new software called LMMS, which is a Digital Audio Workstation. We spent time looking at beats, bass, melodies, pitch, tempo and a whole lot of other musical things before we composed our own tunes using small samples within the software. Today we showed our finished songs to the class and talked a little about the decision we’d made in the composition.

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Wednesday 16th May


We’ve been experimenting again! This time, Mr Whitehead asked us to design and carry out an experiment to prove or disprove the theory that the volume of a sound decreases as the sound source gets further away. We were allowed to use whatever equipment we liked, and measured the sound using a decibel meter app on an iPad.

Wednesday 9th May


Today has been a very artsy day! This morning we painted our clay aliens ready to get stuck into some really detailed description next week (slideshow 1) and this afternoon we had our final lesson on the Vikings. We learnt how the Vikings were succeeded by the Normans following the Battle of Hastings and we sketched out a portion of th Bayeux Tapestry which shows King Harold being killed in battle with an arrow to the eye. Gruesome stuff!

Tuesday 8th May


Today in science we have been investigating sound. We looked at a variety of instruments and learnt about how each one makes a sound and thought about which part of the instrument is vibrating. We then made our own string and wind instruments which could play different pitches. We used seesaw to photograph our instruments and recorded voice overs and used annotations to explain how we could change the pitch of our instruments.

Tuesday 1st May


Our current English topic is Science Fiction, so to get us thinking about alien characters we have had a slightly different English lesson. We have all created our own aliens out of clay. We will paint the aliens next week before using these as the basis for our science fiction stories. Being able to see the alien we have imagined in front of us will help us build really detailed character descriptions.

Monday 30th April


Today in our topic lesson we spent the afternoon researching Viking Gods and Goddesses and the stories and myths associated with them. We made PowerPoint presentations in pairs and practiced our public speaking skills in front of the class!

Monday 23rd April


This week is scienc week and 4TW have been getting stuck in! We have been very lucky to have a scientist visit us from the University of Manchester. We swabbed our hands and mouths and put this onto Agar plates to see what bacteria grows on our bodies. 


This is afternoon we have been creating questions. Mr Whitehead gave us a big box filled with all sorts of stuff from toothpaste to tomatoes and we planned our science investigations using these materials. We had some exciting reactions, and learnt that sometimes what you test just won’t work, but is all part of the investigative process.

Wednesday 18th April


Our new science topic is sound and today we learnt that sounds is caused by vibrations. We looked at lots of different instruments, trying to work out which part of the instrument was vibrating to make a sound and recorded our results as labelled diagrams.

Tuesday 17th April


Today we have been learning about how the Viking invasion of Britain affected the British people and the Anglo-Saxons. We interviewed them to find out how they felt and what happened.

Monday 16th April


It’s the first day back and we’ve been very busy. Today we learnt how to say various body parts in French by singing - tete, epaules, genoux et pied - head, shoulders, knees and toes!


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Tuesday 13th March


Today in science we are learning more about teeth and what damage can be caused by the foods we eat. We learnt all about the bacteria that lives on our teeth and the importance of brushing twice a day! We are testing drinks with different sugar content to see their effect on our teeth and whether drinks which contain more sugar cause more tooth decay. We have used eggs to represent our teeth - no children lost any teeth in this lesson!

Monday 12th March


We’re only one week away from our French Horn concert and are getting lots of practice!

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Friday 9th March


Mr Whitehead was at Robinwood this week, but was extremely impressed with the Viking Longships the class made in his absence!

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Tuesday 6th March


Today we’re getting stuck in again with another practical science lesson. We have been looking at teeth and their functions. Each table did some research into a different kind of animal, either a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, looking at the types of teeth they have and why. We then made detailed models of that animals jaw. We had a whole range of animals including a tiger, a shark, a sheep and a monkey!

Monday 5th March


Over the past few weeks, we have been learning how to play the French Horn. We have a concert coming up and will be playing a few songs. The sheet music for the songs is below for those who would like to practice at home. Please let me know if you would like a printed copy.

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February 26th - March 2nd


This week is World Book Week and as part of this, every teacher chose a book to work on with mixed classes. My chosen book was Varmints by Helen Ward. The book is beautifully illustrated and touches upon the ways industrialisation has changed our world, but reminds us to connect with nature and others around us. It is a powerful read. 


The children in my class have done a lot this week. We designed posters encouraging people to get out into the world and tune into nature. We wrote a part 2 to the story and illustrated it in the style of the book, and we watched and analysed the film that goes with the book.


A great week!

Friday 2nd March


Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been getting to grips with LMMS, a music production software. Last week we created a drum beat and today we have added melodic layers to our songs. I was hugely impressed with the creativity and the output from the class. Who knows, we could have the next big thing sitting amongst us!

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Thursday 1st March


This half term, we have begun our new Science topic - Animals and Humans. We have been looking in detail at the human digestion system and today we made a working model detailing each step from start to finish! A very messy, slightly disgusting lesson, but not one we'll forget!

Thursday 1st March


Today was World Book Day and the whole school celebrated by dressing as their favourite book characters. We had some amazing costumes in 4TW, from Wizards to Scientists, Spiders to Sharks. The children were even (un)lucky enough to be taught by Professor Snape for the day!

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Tuesday 20th February


What a day! Today the whole of year 4 travelled to Tatton Park to take part in a Live Viking day. The children all dressed as Vikings and there were some amazing costumes! We were welcomed in by Morag the Celt, who took us into the Old Hall where we were greeted by a scary Viking Warrior named Harold. The experience was really immersive and the children learnt all about how the Vikings lived, from hunting, armour and shields, to rowing the famous Longships and trading items of value.


It was a fantastic trip!

Thank you to all the parents who were involved and helped on the day and with the costumes at home!

Friday 9th February


This afternoon we unwrapped our mummified oranges to see the effects of the mummification process. We saw that the orange had gone very hard as all the moisture had been drawn out due to the bicarbonate of soda and salt mixture we filled our oranges with, similar to the Natron used thousands of years ago. Even Miss Jones was intrigued and had to come see for herself!

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Thursday 8th February


4TW are a pretty creative bunch. Today the children have been acting out scenes from an Egyptian burial during their Artis session.

Wednesday 31st January


Today we are building upon our knowledge of circuitry and making our own switches out of everyday objects. There were some pretty inventive switches!

Friday 26th January


This afternoon we have been getting messy! We have been mummifying oranges to help us understand the process the Egyptians used and the effects it had on the body. We will check back on our oranges in a couple of weeks.

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Friday 26th January


Year 4 are now moving into looking at fractions. To start us off, both year 4 classes have made fraction museums out of objects in the classroom. We have arranged the objects so that they represent different fractions. Each museum had one mystery fraction. 4FM and 4TW swapped classrooms to see whether we could work out what mystery fractions the other class had made!

Wednesday 24th January


This term's Topic is the Egyptians. The Egyptians are famous for Hieroglyphics and are considered one of the first civilisations to write on a form of paper. Today we have painted Cartouches on paper we made look ancient using teabags. These are special name tags, normally carved into stone, which show the name of a great Pharaoh or ruler. The oval shape of the Cartouche is meant to show that the name of the person inside is special or powerful.

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Wednesday 24th January


This week we are doing Area in Maths. Today we have been investigating different ways of working out the Area of rectilinear shapes.

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Friday 19th January


Over the past few weeks we have been coding our own Maths games. Today we are testing our friends games, giving feedback and even practicing our Times Tables whilst we're at it!

Wednesday 3rd January 2018


It's the first day back after Christmas and we've hit the ground running in 4TW! Today we have started our new Science topic and have been experimenting with circuits!

Friday 24th November


It's Friday! It's almost Christmas! Today 4TW have had an Artist in our classroom and we have been making lanterns ready to take to the Altrincham Lantern Parade next Saturday. Come and join us!

Monday 20th November 2017


This week we are starting to look at measurement in Maths. What better way to get started than by measuring all sorts of objects around the school!

Thursday 16th November 2017


Today we have been exploring the three states of matter with two experiments.

For the first, we made a model of the water cycle in a bowl. Inside the bowl is warm water which will evaporate, turning from a liquid into a gas. As the gas rises, it will hit the clingfilm, which is made cold with ice, and the water vapour will condense to form liquid water droplets which will 'rain' back into the water below. 

The second experiment looked at the effect of salt on ice and how this affects the speed of melting.

Monday 6th November
This Monday year 4 spent a fantastic day devouring chocolate and discovering its rich history which  spans the globe!

Friday 3rd November


This week 4TW have had a lot of wobbles whilst working, but we have powered through, overcome our wobbles and learnt a lot!


We are celebrating our wobbles!


Wobble of the week!

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Wobble of the week! 2
Wobble of the week! 3
Wobble of the week! 4

Thursday 2nd November


Yesterday, in our science lesson, we were looking at the properties of solids, liquids and gases. As the sun was shining, we decided to go outside and demonstrate our understanding of the particles using our own bodies. It was a great lesson!

Science Lesson

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