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Welcome to Class 3JW

Friday 23rd June - Lego workshop 


This week has been assessment week. Every single child in 3JW did their best and worked really hard and I couldn't be prouder. 


To celebrate the end of the tests the children took part in a Lego workshop where they worked as a team to make their very own Lego city. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and played together beautifully. It was a lovely end to the week and they deserved the treat. 

Monday 22nd May - Friday 26th May - Shakespeare Week


We have been learning about Shakespeare this week and have based our Literacy lessons around 'A midsummer night's dream. We have read the book, had a Shakespeare inspired workshop, wrote character descriptions and done freeze frames of key events. The children have worked really hard, even though it was extremely warm, and produced fantastic work. 

Friday 19th May - Art Exhibition 


This week has been Arts Week. We have done art lessons every lesson of every day. We have had an amazing time and created brilliant pieces of art work. We opened our own exhibition and invited everyone along to showcase our creations. 

Thursday 18th May - Arts Week 


This week we had art lessons every lesson of every day. In the mornings we stayed with our usual classes, in year 3 we drew fantasy architecture, experimented with different medias, made sock puppets, made bubble flowers, drew landscapes on the park and drew a self-portrait for a whole school display. In the afternoons we chose what theme we would like to do. In 3JW, we focussed on under the sea and made collages, paintings with water colours and oil pastels and created sea creatures out of recycled materials. 

Wednesday 10th May - Our Tadpoles 


We have been fortunate enough to be given Tadpoles to look after. We are going to be looking at the life cycle of a tadpole and watching them grow. Look out for photographs of when they have become frogs and we release them back to where they came from. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Tuesday 10th May - Doing the right thing


In R.E we have been looking at how people know what is right and what is wrong. Today we did a conscience alley. A conscience alley is where there are 2 lines of children facing each other and one side says the correct choices they could make and the other side says poor choices they could make. The children each took it in turn to say their idea and one person goes down the middle, listens to each idea and then makes a choice. We then discussed how difficult it can sometimes be to make the right decision. 

Picture 1

Tuesday 2nd May - Fables


This week in literacy we will be writing our very own fables. To start us off we spent today's lesson looking at the features, reading fables that already exist and then acting out our favourite one. We thought we would take advantage of the beautiful weather so did our lesson outside. 

 Maths - Measuring 


This week in maths we have been measuring the weight of different objects. We estimated which objects would weigh more, less or the same as a tin of beans. We then tested our predictions using balancing scales and worked out how much the difference was using the weighing scales. 

Picture 1

Friday 24th March - Red Nose Day


Today we dressed in our own clothes, and wore something red, to help raise money for comic relief. Well done and a big thank you to everyone who donated!!

Picture 1

Monday 20th March - Mosaics 


Today we had a visit from Mrs Goodacre, who showed us how we could make mosaic pictures just like the Romans. We thouroughly enjoyed our visit and would like to give a big thanks to Mrs Goodacre for such a fun and engaging lesson. Also, a big thanks from me for helping to tidy up! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Thursday 16th March - Learning about plants 


The science topic this half term is 'Plants'. Last week we labelled the parts of a plant and learnt what jobs each part had. This week we looked even more closely. We set up two experiments; the first one was to see what effect taking the leaves off a plant would have on the plants growth and the second was what would happen to celery and a carnation if you put them in water which had red food dye. We also dissected a daffodil to find out where the male an female parts were. 


Look out for an update on our results and conclusions. 

Monday 13th March - Drama


Our job today was to act out a key event that happened in the story "Escape from Versuvius". We were focusing on using our position, our body language and our facial expressions to show who we were supposed to be, what we were doing and how we were feeling. 

Tuesday 7th March - Chester Trip

Today Year 3 went on a trip to Chester. They met a Roman soldier and completed military training to prove themselves worthy of becoming a soldier. They learnt a lot about Roman times and especially enjoyed learning about the gladiators.


All of the children behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school.



This week, each teacher chose a book to focus on and planned activities based on that book. The children then chose the book they liked the best and went to that class for the week.  


In my class, we were reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We wrote our own versions of the story, we wrote character descriptions of the bear, we made a bear mask and we performed the story (including our own versions).


I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking part in the activities. 

For 'World Book Day' we also dressed up as characters from our favourite stories. Here you can see pictures of our parade. 

Tuesday 28th February - R.E


In RE we have been learning about different religions. Today, our focus was on Christianity and how Christians worship. We were given a photograph of the outside of our church and we discussed what you might see if you looked through the window of the church. We then did freeze frames. Can you guess what we are trying to show? 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Friday 24th February - A visit from an author 


Today, we were visited by Jason Beresford who is the author of 2 books called 'The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers' and 'Frozen Fish Fingers'. He read part of his stories to us in assembly and then each class had a workshop where they came up with their own super heros and villains. 


If you would like to buy a signed copy of his book then please speak to the school office. The first book is £5.99 and the second book is £6.99. 

Thursday 23rd February - Drama 


Our topic this half term is 'Restless Earth' where we've been looking at earthquakes and eruptions around the world. We have started reading the story of 'Pompeii' which is about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the devastation it left behind. Today we acted out chapter 4 of the story where the people are trying to escape. 


Below you can see some photographs of our short plays. 

Thursday 9th February - helping each other in maths 


In year 3 we have been learning how to use the column method for addition and subtraction. Yesterday a lot of the children found the column method for subtraction very very tricky! Since it is kindness week, we thought it would be nice if we could spend our time helping each other. We split our class into 2 groups, one group who felt very confident with the method and one group which wasn't yet sure. The confident people then acted as teachers. At the end of the lesson I asked them how confident they now felt and they had to show me on their thumbs. As you can see, it worked a treat!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Monday 7th February - kindness week 


In school this week, we are going to be thinking about how we can be kind to others, as it is kindness week. Today we started this off by writing a poem about what kindness means to us. We also made friendship tokens, with a nice picture and a compliment, to give to our friends in 3RC. We hope that by being kind this week (and every other week) we can make people smile :). 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Thursday 2nd February - volcano art


Today we looked at art work by Nick Rowland. We focussed specifically on a volcano painting that he did and tried to re-create our own versions. We thought about the colours we could use and how we could use the brushes to make different effects. Below is a photo of some of the best ones. 

Picture 1

Friday 20th January - Map work 


Today we used atlases to label the continents on a map and the oceans around the world. Here are some photos of the children piecing together their maps. 

Thursday 19th January - Investigating rocks


Today we have been learning about different kinds of rocks. We did some research using books and laptops, drew sketches of different rocks, defined some key words and investigated which type of rock is the hardest. 


Wednesday 18th January - Fraction museum 


We have been learning about fractions and are finding them INCREDIBLY tricky. To help us understand we made/found fractions around the school and put them into a museum to show 3RC. We then went to 3RC to look at the fractions they had found. This activity really helped us to understand what a fraction actually is. 


Monday 16th January - Christian prayer


The question we are investigating in R.E is 'Why do people pray?'  Today Mrs Tait helped us to understand why and how Christians pray by allowing us to interview her about her beliefs. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Friday 13th January - clay pots


Last half term, we were learning about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. To finish it off, we made our very own version of bronze beakers. Ours are made out of clay and, as you will see, we decorated the outside with traditional patterns. 

Thursday 12th January - Model volcanoes


Our topic this half term is restless Earth. We will be learning about volcanoes and the reason they erupt. To start this topic we made our very own volcanoes. Once the shape was made, we painted them and made them explode! We have also made a list of questions we would like to find the answers to and made a start on our research. 

Tuesday 10th January - Pet day


Today, we had a visit from the PDSA who talked to us about looking after our pets properly and making sure they are safe and well. To raise money for the charity we made a donation to dress like our pets (or our favourite animals). 

Picture 1

Thursday 5th January - TimesTables Rockstars


Today saw the launch of TimesTables Rockstars. This is a new website/app which is going to help us get much quicker with our timestables. To log on you go to, choose your school and use your school username and password. You can then practice your timestables by entering events, festivals and tournaments and competing against people around the world. 


Blake Thorn, a world famous rockstar (or just Mr Odell in a wig and face paint) came in to introduce the website, and show the children how they could become a rock hero! Below, you can see pictures of us trying out the app and rocking out in assembly. 

Wednesday 4th January - Christmas recounts


This week we will be writing a recount of what happened on Christmas Day. We are focusing on using paragraphs to organise our writing. Today, we looked at a recount of Christmas Day at Miss Birchall's house. Our job was to put Miss Birchall's writing back in the right order. For clues, we looked at the conjunctions and openers that were used. 


Look out for some of our writing that will be uploaded towards the end of the week! 

Tuesday 3rd January - Welcome back!


After a lovely break, we are back and ready for 2017! This term our topic is 'Restless Earth' where we will be looking at volcanoes and earthquakes. Linked to this, our science topic is rocks and soils. 


Year 3 would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. 

Picture 1

Friday 16th December - Christmas carol service


Today we went to the church to sing Christmas carols, learn about Christmas through the times and think about how it has changed. It left us all feeling very festive and cheerful and our readers were wonderful. 

Wednesday 15th December - Christmas jumper day and the Christmas fair



Christmas is almost here! Today the children ran their own stalls at our Christmas fair. In Year 3 we had a cake stall, fruit kebabs, games we had made in DT lessons and a card game with sweets for prizes. The children had a fantastic time, but more importantly practised their maths skills (working out how much money is owed and how much change to give). Year 3 did better than they have ever done before and have definitely made a profit. The amount we raised, for our class treat, will be posted on here once it has been counted and verified.


A huge thank you for all your fantastic donations of sweets, cakes, biscuits, fruit, kebab sticks and chocolate. 

Monday 12th December - Dress Rehearsal 


We have been practicing for weeks and the time has finally arrived. Today we did our production for the whole school. Although we were nervous, we were absolutely brilliant! I couldn't be more proud of each and every one of the children.


Our next performances are Tuesday 1:30 and Wednesday 9.30. We hope to see lots of mums and dads there. 

Friday 9th December - Magnetic games 


Our science topic this term is 'Forces and Magnets'. As part of this topic, we have looked at games which involve magnets and then used these ideas to design our own. Today we put our plans into action to bring our design to life. We used saws (carefully) to cut pieces of wood, we then stuck the pieces together to make our base, before using card to decorate it. Most of the games involved a paper clip being attached to something, and then the player would have to use the magnet to move the paper clip around.


Everybody had a brilliant time making their games, and they are eager to show them off at the children's Christmas fair.

Thursday 8th December - Key Strings


Today we had a visit from a duo who could play a range of different instruments. We enjoyed singing classic Christmas songs and some people even got the chance to play the cello, a double bass or a guitar. It left us feeling very festive. 

Tuesday 6th December - Google Expedition


Google have an app called 'Google Expedition'. Today a representative from Google came in to school to show us how the app works and let us try it out for ourselves with special virtual reality glasses. The app allows you to choose different places to visit, and then you put the goggles to your face and it feels like you are actually there! We had a fantastic time visiting volcanoes around the world, looking at sharks in the depths of the sea and even watching the first man land on the moon. 


If you would like to try this out at home, then you need to download the app (for free) and get some goggles. The goggles are on sale for £10 or you can make your own using a cardboard box and 2 lenses (lenses cost 70p). 

Tuesday 29th November


As part of our topic, we have been learning about the Stone Age. Today we looked at Stonehenge and thought about how it would have been built and what we think it would have been used for. The children then designed and created their own stone circles. 

Tuesday 29th November - Archery 


Two qualified archery instructors visited our school today to give everybody a taster session. We had a fantastic time and we all improved our skills. Here are some photographs of us shooting our arrows. 


Look out for an archery club starting soon on a Tuesday after school. 

Thursday 24th November - R.E


In R.E we have been learning about different religions and what they believe about God. This week we learnt about the Humanist approach, we looked at the rules they try to live by in order for them to be good people. After we established what they meant, we ordered them from the most to the least important and from the easiest to the hardest to stick to. We agreed that the most important rule was 'To try and do to other like you would like done to you'. 

Friday 18th November - Messy Maths


3JW have been learning how to measure things, convert units of measurement, read scales and compare measurements. We started with measuring length before moving on to capacity. Our task today was to estimate which bottle would hold the most/least amount of water, and how much water each held. We then poured the contents of each bottle into measuring jugs to work out if our estimates were accurate. 


All in in all it was very successful, even if we did make a very soggy mess!! I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. See if you can spot the bottle which held the most/least. 

Wednesday 16th November - Literacy


In literacy we have been reading the story 'Oi, Caveboy'. We will be re-writing this story as a playscript, in groups of four, and making sure our versions include all of the main features (stage directions, colons after people's names, props list etc.). Today we have started planning what will be in our playscript, and what stage directions we will use to make our play more realistic, engaging and exciting to watch. Below are some pictures of us working really well as a team. 

Monday 14th November - Anti-Bullying Week 


This week is anti-bullying week and the message we've been thinking about is "Words hurt, use your powers for good". We first discussed what bullying is, what we should do if we are being bullied and what the school can do to help us. In our groups, we then made up a short role play, of someone being bullied, and thought about how they would feel, and how we would feel if it happened to us. Our ideas are going to be used to create a new anti bullying policy in school. 


Monday 14th November - Gymnastics


Year 3 have been having some very exciting gymnastics lessons. They have learnt how to safely do a forward roll and a headstand (which took control and balance), they have practiced different jumps (including a pencil, tuck, star and half turn) and today they used the climbing equipment to improve their upper body strength. Everyone has proved how sensible they are, that they can do things safely and follow instructions effectively. 


Tuesday 8th November - Topic


Our topic is New Beginnings. We have been learning about the neolithic period and how the first people on Earth used to live. Today we became archaeologists, and discovered some artefacts from this period. We thought about what these artefacts might be, what they used them for and the material they were made out of. 

Monday 7th November - Scholastic Business School 


This years book fair will be run by the children. If they would like a job they need to write a covering letter explaining why they think they would be perfect for the job, fill in an application form and send it to Mrs Rodgers by Tuesday 15th morning. 

Below, you will find all the information your child might need to apply for the job. 

Monday 31st October - Hockey


in P.E we have been learning and practicing the skills needed to play hockey. We have been concentrating on having control of the ball, passing the ball and competing as a team. To bring together everything we have learnt, we split the classes into teams. The winning team from each year 3 class then played against each other. Everyone played extremely well, there was good communication and fantastic sportsmanship. It was a very close game but the winners were.....3JW!! 


Well done to every single person that played! I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures. 

Friday 21st October - Computing (using the ipads)


This half term we have been communicating with each other, and with children from 3RC, using Tocomail. We have learnt how to write emails, add attachments and change our settings. 

Thursday 20th October - Maths games


Today we have been practising our maths skills by playing different games. We had lots of fun and have got much better at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing mentally. 

Tuesday 13th October - Our visit to the park 


In year 3 we have been learning how to read a map and looking at natural and physical features in the local area. This week, we went to Stamford Park and did some orienteering. We had a lovely time! A big thank you to all of the grown ups who came to help us!

Wednesday 5th October - Poetry Day


To celebrate National Poetry Day, we had a very special visitor at Stamford Park! His name was Ian Bland and he was a published poet. In the morning, Ian read some of his poems to us in an assembly and everyone had great fun joining in and doing the actions. After that, we had a poetry workshop where he taught the children how to write poems in the same style as some of his own work. Year 3 worked in pairs to create a Kenning poem. The best poems were performed in front of the whole school at the end of the day. 


Here are some pictures of our lovely day. 

For homework, the children had to learn a poem off by heart and perform it to the rest of the class. Although we had some fantastic poems, we did manage to choose our winner. Here is our winning performer performing his poem in assembly in front of the whole school!


Still image for this video

Friday 30th September - Maths


This week, 3JW have been learning about shapes and their properties. Today we made our very own 3D shapes, We used art straws for the edges and blu-tac for the vertices. Everyone worked incredibly hard and really enjoyed the activity.  

Monday 26th September - P.E


We had a lovely P.E lesson with Mr Taylor on Monday. We learnt how to do different rolls safely, including a pencil roll, a teddy bear roll and a forward roll. 

Friday 23rd September - Science


This week 3JW teamed up with 3RC to conduct a science experiment which investigated how far a toy car would travel on different surfaces. We concentrated on making the investigation fair and accurately recording our results. Next week we will be using our table of results to create a bar chart. 

Welcome to the new school year! Here is a picture of our class.


We have lots of exciting things planned for our first half term. Our first topic in Year 3 is New Beginnings. We will be looking at the history of the school, orienteering using the school grounds, and finding out what life was like in Stone Age and the Bronze Age . In Literacy this week we have been writing a story set in the Victorian times including adjectives, adverbs and even similes. In Maths we have been practising our key skills so we are ready to solve some tricky problems next week.