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Wednesday 24th May

In dark days like our city experienced yesterday, we must all remember to stick together and support each other. Be kind. Be helpful. Be there. This quote I saw all over the internet yesterday and I feel it really sums up the Greater Manchester spirit very well.

(Mrs Southworth)

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Monday 24th April 2017


This weekend was the London Marathon and the link charity this year is Heads Together. I am sure you have seen lots of coverage of this charity recently and the work their Ambassadors have been doing to try and encourage people to open up talking to someone about issues that are troubling them. It is important to reach out in order to feel better and try and help develop coping strategies. At school, we encourage the children to find someone trusted to talk to and have CAMHS for children who need to be referred for more specialist support. Here is the link to their fabulous charity, where you will find video clips of people (such as the Royals and Lady Gaga) discussing their own personal experiences. I hope you find this useful. Children, also remember that the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are there to help you too. Sitting on the Buddy Bench will be an easy way for them to find you, unless you find them first.

(Mrs Southworth)

Thursday 2nd March 2017


As part of our 'Random Acts of Kindness' Week, the children in the school all wrote down a short poem which described to them what 'Kindness is...' It will come as no surprise that the children in our school thought of some fantastic and really well thought through ideas. I have put together a combination of some of them here below. I am sure you will agree they are lovely.



Kindness is bringing hope into someone’s heart,

Kindness can fill a space in the heart,

Kindness is there to make the world a better place,

Kindness is what makes you who you are,

Kindness is spreading a smile across someone’s face,

Kindness makes the world go round,

Kindness is brightening up someone’s day,

Kindness will make you a friend,

Kindness can spread around the world,

Kindness keeps love alive,

Kindness is giving to those who have less,

Kindness is more than just letters,

Kindness is holding the world up,

Kindness is always somewhere deep in your heart,

Kindness is never ending,

Kindness is worth more than money,

Kindness is like a wish come true,

Kindness is helping others who need you,

Kindness is sharing the 5Cs,

Kindness is where you consider people before yourself,

Kindness is the greatest gift,

Kindness makes you warm inside,

Kindness will make you smile so much your cheeks hurt,

Kindness should be everywhere,

Kindness is a way to bring friendship together,

Kindness is a feeling no one will ever forget,

Kindness is forever and never ends,

Kindness is free.


Monday 6th February 2017


Next week, (6-10th Feb) is National Random Acts of Kindness Week at our school - it is actually the week after but as this is half term we thought we would do it now. I am sure you will agree that being on the receiving end of kindness makes you smile, feel happy and most certainly more positive. As a school, the children have a super outlook on supporting one another and looking for ways to help their peers or make them feel better. the challenge I would like to set for this week is to see how many 'random acts of kindness' you can accomplish. Try to look for those people who need cheering up, those people in your class who you wouldn't usually talk to, or people who are stuck with a problem am might need some help.


If you would like to read about how random acts of kindness can really have a positive effect on people, have a look at and see the stories on there.


How do you think these people felt when they had someone give a random act of kindness to them?


Here are some examples:

  • invite someone (who doesn't have someone to play with) to play your game
  • let someone have a turn before you
  • help someone tidy up
  • smile and say hello to someone new
  • pick up something someone has dropped and return it to them
  • pick partners with someone who sometimes finds it hard to find one
  • tell someone you like their coat / hair / bag
  • leave someone a kind note
  • help a member of your family do a job


Hope you all receive at least 1, and give at least 1, random act of kindness next week! Enjoy!

Anti-bullying Ambassadors' Box


As part of our training, one of the ideas was to have a box where children can put in a message for the Ambassadors, who will then try and help them. As a group we liked this idea and now have our very own blue box by our display. The Ambassadors will be checking this regularly on their way out to lunch (all of the children are in the same playground for the 1st half of lunch therefore they can endeavour to find the children and help them).

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Thursday 3rd November 2017


This is a new project which we have set up this year. The Diana Award trains children in schools all over the country to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and we have been lucky enough to secure training for our upper juniors. Prior to the training, the children were required to apply formally to be selected as one of our school ambassadors. I was over whelmed with the number of children who signed up to be considered and a lucky 20 were selected to embark on this new and extremely important project. Today the children received a full day of training, equipping them with skills, information and reasons as to why and how they can help all of the children at our school. Paul (The Diana Award trainer) was thrilled with the enthusiasm and suggestions the group had and I am very excited to see how our fantastic ambassadors can work together this year to introduce new ideas. If any children feel they would like help with issues which are bothering them, as well as talking to a member of staff, they now have a dedicated team of their peers who they can approach. Here are some pictures to show what we did and to familiarise yourselves with our fabulous team!